Room darkening, insulating and noise reducing, and energy savings
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Our privacy policy is very
important please read
Due to the high demand for peoples individual privacy. Laws were introduced to ensure all our
customers feel the effects of total privacy at no cost to you.  

When you buy your custom drapery panels from Drapery King Toronto we will give you a free
upgrade to soft fall privacy room darkening lining.  This will keep all the neighbours from looking into
your windows and you will be able to sleep in because this lining is designed to block out the light
and fall soft so your drapery will hang smooth.

Come to our showroom store and see for yourself the effects of privacy lining
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Over 100 different panels in stock
to choose from.
We can custom make any size

and you get soft fall sun out, noise
reduction, thermal, lining at no
extra charge
Privacy Lined Drapery